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Double swivel hook + centring: DSH +C

  Double swivel hook + centring: DSH +C
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Double swivel hook + centring: DSH +C

The advantages

The DSH double swivel hook combines swivel lifting ring and hook in a single element. The DSH swivel hook's self-locking safety latch provides maximum security and the centring system increases its resistance.

The DSH security hook is universally compatible with all fastening systems: fabric slings, chains, ropes, eyes, ...


The characteristics of the double swivel hook: DSH+C

  • Lifting capacity in all directions and its double articulation allows it to line up perfectly with the sling
  • Fast and universal hooking with any kind of connection (without additional appliances)
  • High tensile steel (Class >8)
  • Safety factor 5
  • Two ways of tightening: either by open-ended spanner or by Allen key
  • WLL indication engraved
  • From M8 to M20 as standard; for loads from 0,3 To to 2,5 To
  • From UNC 5/16'' to UNC 3/4'' as standard; for loads from 650 LBS to 5,500 LBS
  • Each double swivel hook is tested and delivered with a certificate of conformity
  • Other variants of fitting bolts on request (see also our specialised solutions)
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Производитель   Codipro
Страна производитель Нидерланды
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