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Swivel eye nut: FE.SEB

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Swivel eye nut: FE.SEB

The advantages

The swivel eye nut FE.SEB is fitted with an automatic position recovery system for optimum orientation in the direction of the sling.

It can be used with threaded parts in different lengths



The characteristics of the swivel eye nut: FE.SEB

  • Safety factor 5
  • Steel with high resistance, class > 8
  • From M8 to M36 as standard for loads from 0,3 t to10 t.
  • Possibility of a higher WLL on demand
  • Easy to screw and very ergonomic
  • Allows the use of the existing fixation point (axis or overlaying threaded rod)
  • Permits the hook to move parallel to the supporting face of the ring being drawn at 90°
  • Plane hole or other threads on demand
  • Also available with an axis
Основные атрибуты
Производитель   Codipro
Страна производитель Нидерланды
Тип крепежного изделия Рым-болт
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